About QEEQ is an online car rental service, operating for worldwide consumers to make traveling easier. offers every type of car from luxury to budget-saving rides to serve your road trip. No matter what car model you need or where you want to go. We are in the collaboration with worldwide car rental companies to make your trip memorable.

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How can I cancel the booking?

If you want to cancel the ride you will be refunded before pickup in most cases. If you cancel after when the rental is pending, you will receive no refund. If you do not pick up the car, you will receive no refund.

What are the age requirements for hiring a car for traveling long? lends you diverse range of cars according to your age. When you ordering for a car, you have to type in your age. Then we'll only show you cars that you can rent.

What are the requirements to get a car?

  • Driving license
  • Credit card
  • Form of ID
  • Printed voucher

How do I pay to get a car at rent?

You have to pay the whole payment with your credit card in the name of lead driver. You need to submit evidentiary documents if the lead driver did not booked the vehicle. We accept almost every credit card but a few debit cards.

What if I have to reserve a car by its model and color?

It depends on the availability of the cars in the rental supplier’s fleet at the time of collecting the car, however we guarantee the category of the car, seating capacity, transmission and boot space.

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Shopping tips

    Carry brief research of the seller that the business is legitimate or not. Act smart enough to update yourself regarding the company policies and customer rights.

    Furthermore, after placing and order you will get a code to trace the location of your car without going to franchise. For great deals, the buyer can amend the terms of the proposals provided by the seller. You offer a different proposal, at own conditions and feasibility. If you succeed in convincing the seller at your terms and conditions of trading, it is beneficial for you in the future to deal again with a similar seller. Or, if it's a disputed situation for both parties, wait a few days until automatically mediates the dispute and offers another different solution.

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