About TVC-mall is a cross-border e-commerce store that originated from Shenzhen China. A professional cell phone accessories supplier of spare parts and accessories of cell phones, tablets, and other wells know and less known devices. Offering more than 100,000 products in up to 80,000 categories at an affordable price tag and providing 24/7 online customer services.

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TVC-mall FAQ's

When will I receive my product after placing the order?

After receiving the consumers' order, the period required to deliver the product to your doorstep is 4-9 working days. When the product is sent for shipment from the warehouse, you will get an e-mail instantly informing you about the product delivery time.

How can I trace my order easily?

You can check the product status at your TVC-mall account which will be simply noticeable on the “My Orders” page. Furthermore, when the parcel has been sent to shipment, you will receive a shipment code from which you can trace your order.

Is it possible to change the address of product delivery?

As per TVC-mall policy, sign in to your account, where you can change all your product information. If you face any further inconvenience do not hesitate to contact us via live chat option, skype, WhatsApp or at phone: (0086 755-28416521). Our TVC-mall customer representatives will assist your queries at the moment when you realize that you want to change your delivery address.    

If I want to cancel my order?

This type of problem occurs in these situations when;

  • Order payment procedure is “Incomplete”, Communicate with TVC-mall customer representatives for any amendments and cancelation of the product order.
  • The product has already been paid off but has not shipped out yet.
  • If the order is dispatched from the warehouse, TVC-mall cannot help you to cancel the order. So do contact before the order is posted to address. Other than, terms and conditions will applied in accordance of the product details. Please do read service policies and terms and conditions.

What should I have to do if I received the wrong order?

If you have received the wrong product, then provide the order number and required details you have received after placing the order to customer service of TVC-mall. The customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours. Once our representatives confirm incorrect delivery of the product they will refund you or dispatch an alternative item. (if applicable and available). TVC-mall will decide based on the availability of the product whether you need to return the wrong product or not and compensate the return shipping fee once when we receive it.

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Shopping tips

    If you did not receive the product within the (BP) Buyer Protection period, TVC-mall ensures a cash back assurance. If the product does not fulfill your requirements or not as you ordered, then the TVC-mall will pay back within 15 days and the claim process limit.

    Carry brief research of the seller that the business is legitimate or not. Act smart enough to update yourself regarding the company policies and customer rights. If you have not received the order within 60 days, you have to claim your money or extend the protection time.

    Furthermore, shipments have a code to trace the location of your product without going to franchise. For great deals, the buyer can amend the terms of the proposals provided by the seller. You offer a different proposal, at own conditions and feasibility. If you succeed in convincing the seller at your terms and conditions of trading, it is beneficial for you in the future to deal again with a similar seller. Or, if it's a disputed situation for both parties, wait a few days until TVC-mall automatically mediates the dispute and offers another different solution.

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